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  • NOTE: If there are problems with the stream (even if there is not) the complete meet will be posted on the World Powerlifting Congress YouTube Channel and here.  Enjoy!
  • (Note: there is a definite delay in the stream and there are freezes during the pre-check.  You can try clicking the lower right to obtain full-size screen (don't refresh or you have to watch the commercial again) and it usually clears it.  I will be monitoring facebook at the page 2XL Powerlifting or message me on Facebook under Howard Penrose if you have questions or comments.

Platform 1

Live streaming video by Ustream
Platform 2

Live streaming video by Ustream

Live stream by Ustream


Please read Dr. Howard Penrose's reports after the meets at

12 thoughts on “Live Video Stream

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  3. Where can we find the broadcast of the 2013 AWPC meet. I was to be streamed but due to the hotel it was cancelled and said it would be uploaded somewhere. What is the link?

    • The meet videos are being edited and will be linked to and will also be posted on the World Powerlifting Congress YouTube channel this week. Thursday is being uploaded now.


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